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Pediatric Chiropractic

Children are presenting with more and more health issues. Chronic conditions such as ADHD, Autism and Anxiety are more common than ever before. Issues such as constipation, chronic ear infection, congestion, headaches, and poor sleep and are considered the norm. Simply put, their bodies are not functioning as healthy as they should be. 

What is causing all these issues?

And how does Chiropractic play a part in alleviating them?

Stress on the body is the #1 cause of these symptoms.

  • Some stress is Structural - meaning there is an alignment issue resulting in a loss of movement and ability of the body to function. One example is a traumatic birth that is causes cervical spine trauma and results in the baby having difficulty latching or symptoms of colic.

  • Some stress is Nervous System Stress- Structural alignment issues of the spine can have deeper issues causing stress on the nervous system.

    There are 2 parts to your nervous system:
    • Sympathetic  AKA “Fight or Flight”
    • Parasympathtic  AKA” Rest and Digest”
    A healthy Nervous system can move appropriately between both of these states. A Dysregulated Nervous System can get stuck in one part and struggle to move between the two.


Symptoms of Sympathetic Dominance


Chronic Illness




Sensory Dysfunction

Restless Sleep


Symptoms of Parasympathetic Dominance

Low tone


Developmental Delays


A Chiropractor is trained to assess for alignment issues and determine the overall health of the nervous system.  Pediatric Chiropractic care is very gentle. Often babies fall asleep during their adjustment.


Dr.Rachael is the only Chiropractor in the State of Kentucky that is recognized by the State Board for her postgraduate education in pediatrics. She is trained to adjust safely and appropriately based on your child’s health concerns and age.

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